"Rhett knows that real change happens through action. His inspiring book is packed with practical techniques that will make you the leader and entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be."
Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, New York Times-bestselling author, the number one leadership thinker in the world 

"His workshops and consulting activities were the most dynamic and beneficial program we've ever done. ”                                                        -Innovation Hub

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​Rhett learning from Marshall 

Power Coaching Adopting Marshall GoldSmith's Acclaimed Model

Most executives need practical on-the-job learning rather than more intellectual leadership training. Marshall Goldsmith's acclaimed Stakeholder Centered Coaching process quickly identifies tipping point behaviors and leverages a clear process enabling leadership growth to become embedded in day-to-day interactions on the job.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching GUARANTEES results and our coaching fees will be subject to measurable leadership growth. 

"It's my passion to help my clients align their goals, talents, and resources to meet their objectives".  

Rhett's New Book In Stores Now

The Entrepreneur's Book of Actions

Equal parts instruction and inspiration, The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions provides the tools you need to build a successful company. You’ll learn how to manage your time, your employees, your money and become the leader you need to be. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.


Book of Actions picks up National Book Award.