What can you expect to pay?

In the HBR Research Report “What Can Coaches Do for You?” by Diane Coutu and Carol Kaufman in January 2009 there is a survey of fees, asked of coaches in the U.S. and the UK. "Compensation rates vary widely though most are clustered between $500 and $725 per hour."

What is our cost? 

All Packages include 3 one hour phone (or in person) conversations a month for 3 months. It also includes email access, free e-books, and written assessments. If I travel to you there will be an additional cost. 

Investment for Career Coaching: $1,200 a month for 3 Months
Investment for C- Suite Executive Coaching: $2250 a month for 3 Months

We do offer group coaching. This is perfect for clients who prefer a group environment and people who want an entry-level way to experience coaching. This will have a different pricing structure and will be negotiated. 

People looking for a session or two of coaching rarely get the satisfaction they need and deserve. For this reason, we do not offer single sessions to new coaching clients.


the number of players, length of engagement and the amount of preparation required. 

“Rhett thank you for the inspiration and your advice in your talk today. Wow!"                                                     - Laurent Dubuisson 

What is The Cost?