How Does This Work?

"Its my passion to help my clients align their goals, talents and resources to meet their objectives."                                                                       -Rhett Power

How We Work

Coaching is a collaboration between you and the coach. Each coaching program is custom designed to meet your specific needs. Just as you are one-of-a-kind, so is the coaching program. There is no rigid formula or model that is followed, rather, we incorporate proven approaches, techniques, and instruments and apply them to meet your specific needs and timetable.Together we identify strengths and areas of opportunity or possible challenges. We explore your goals and aspirations and identify ways to achieve them that are effective, efficient, and measurable.

Individual coaching sessions are generally one hour in length and conversational in nature.  Coaching is always confidential and focuses on your success. Most individuals make an initial 90-day commitment to coaching. Ninety days means three, one-hour sessions per month for a three month period. Many, if not most, clients choose to continue coaching after this initial period but there is no requirement to do so.

People looking for a session or two of coaching rarely get the satisfaction they need and deserve. For this reason, we do not offer single sessions to new coaching clients.

What is required from you? 
Make your coaching sessions a priority in your schedule; come prepared with what you want to discuss. Be committed to your goals and vision. Take the time to examine what you want and need, and determine goals that are truly meaningful to you. Coaching requires commitment on your part in order to grow and reach those goals.