Leadership Training

 “I got some knowledge bombs today from Rhett, I enjoyed your presentation, looking forward to applying it to my business.”​                          -Marcus Howard

Define goals, support, motivate, and encourage during the search process.

​​Executive Coaching

The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions

Improve your  performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

Career Coaching

Training designed to fill skills gaps and to keep you focused on what matters most.

"Its my passion to help my clients align their goals, talents and resources to meet their objectives." Rhett Power

Rhett's New Book

In Stores Jan 6, 2017

The Entrepreneur's Book of Actions

Equal parts instruction and inspiration, The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions provides the tools you need to build a successful company. You’ll learn how to manage your time, your employees, your money and become the leader you need to be. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.